Top 3 Reasons Leaders Publish With Imprintos

It's all about positive influence and documenting your legacy for posterity's sake.

Transform lives with proven leadership and business principles.

Amplify your voice as a leader and preserve your legacy.

Design personal development tools to help others grow.


Innovative Traditional Publishing

Imprintos is the business imprint of Kharis Publishing group, a leading inspirational and faith publisher. As a traditional book publisher, Imprintos offers all the benefits of traditional publishing combined with the speed and efficiency of modern print-on-demand technology.

All-in-one Publishing Solution
All the benefits of traditional book publishing included. Professional editing, beautiful covers, ISBN, Copyright filing, Library of Congress cataloging, distribution, marketing? Yes, all on us, as it should be. Plus, a generous royalty rate.
National PR Service Included
Imprintos authors are assigned to a national PR agency on retainer that works with you to promote your book and your brand, at no charge to you. An important service to authors who want to build their brand.
National & International Distribution

Through distribution partnership with Ingram and Amazon, your book will be available in over 37,000 retail outlets in US and around the world, including: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target, Walmart etc.

Marketing & Direct Sales

Inhouse marketing team pushes hard to spread the word about your book through social media marketing and direct sales efforts. We work hard to drive traffic directly to your book page on major retailer sites.

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Publishing partnership

working together

Publishing a book and successfully marketing it involves partnership. Bring your A-game on and join us to tell your story, amplify your voice and make a difference, together:

Aggressively spread the word within your circle of influence
Pick copies of your book at 50% discount for personal promotion
Collaborate with editorial team and PR Agent in a timely manner
making a difference together

orphanage literacy initiative

Imprintos donates a portion of its proceeds, as a member of the Kharis Publishing group, to establish resource centers or mini libraries for orphanages in developing countries so that these amazing kids may learn to read, dream big, and grow into great citizens.  Simply by publishing with Imprintos, you are helping fulfill such an important mission. Here are three of our latest orphanage literacy projects

Acacia of Hope

Children at Acacia of Hope, Kenya, delighted to receive their laptops and books. The pure joy on their faces makes it all worthwhile. Now, their teachers have more resources to inspire them. Thanks to you!

Grace Orphanage

Resource Center at Grace Orphanage and Rescue Center, Nigeria. These amazing students now have a place to read, work with computers, and dream of a better future. All because of your support.

Raco Orphanage
Children at Raco Orphanage, Lagos, celebrate the arrival of their mini library/resource center. Equipped with computers and books, they are now able to read, dream bigger, and grow. Thanks to the authors and readers!

Publishing for a higer Purpose. Join us.

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